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April 26, 2015


Al Wazani said:  Irrational Consumption of Drugs constitutes 27% of the Overall Expenditure on Heath Care


Dead Sea – Ala’ Qaralah


The Regional Conference entitled “Comprehensive Medical Insurance” which is organized by Jordan Association for Medical Insurance was launched yesterday at the Dead Sea with a broad regional and local participation of experts and specialists from the public and private sectors.


The Conference, which is held for two days, aims at setting out practical solutions to the health insurance system in Jordan and to lay the corner stone for the reform of health insurance process in the region which is becoming a priority for almost all the Arab Governments in addition to setting out recommendations that comprise real statistics about the factual status of the comprehensive medical insurance in the Kingdom.


The participants discussed the available opportunities for the furtherance of the medical insurance status and to set up solutions for the issues relating to the obstacles that the sector is encountering in the region as a whole together with the necessity of creating a formula that realizes the benefit for insurance companies, service providers and recipients through the integrated efforts of both public and private sectors to face the persistent increase in population in Jordan and the forced migration which constituted great pressure on services.


Dr. Ali Wazani, the President of Jordan Association for Medical Insurance asserted that in accordance with the National Health Actuarial Report in Jordan for 2012, Jordan’s expenditure on health care from various sectors reached 7.6% of the GDP which is quite high in comparison with medium income countries, indicating that such expenditure ratios shall increase in the future, particularly in view of receiving 1.4 million Syrian refuges in Jordan; the high life expectancy and the increase in chronic diseases.


He indicated that the health care sector is facing a number of challenges including inter alia, irrational consumption of drugs which constitutes about 27% of the overall expenditure on health care in Jordan besides the unfair monetary deductions from those who are covered by insurance where the deduction is made in accordance with a fixed rate reaching a maximum limit that remains unaltered vis a vis the change in income similarly as the deduction would not be affected by the number of family members.


He has also indicated that the preventative care constitutes a low rate of the health expenditure in the Kingdom that does not exceed 17% of the overall general expenditure on health care asserting the necessity for the private sector to work along with the public sector towards more contribution in awareness and education strategy that contributes toward preventing diseases more than the treatment thereof.


Al Wazani, who is the President of Jordan Insurance Federation hinted that the new Jordan Medical Association’s Law shall increase the cost of treatment and in the event of implementing the compulsory health insurance system being considered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, it shall improve the rate and numbers of those having a health cover at the Kingdom’s level as it would allow those who work in the private sector to have health insurance for themselves and their family members.


During the conference, Al Wazani asserted that the participants aim at improving and expanding the health insurance umbrella to realize comprehensive health insurance for all citizens noting that the statistics indicate that those who have governmental, military, private or university health insurance constitute about 87% of the population indicating that such statistics are inaccurate and need to be verified by the competent authorities.


He confirmed that the Conference seeks, in cooperation with all partners in the health sector, to come up with a practical vision for a health system that covers all Jordanians realizing the Royal Vision which continuously seeks to ensure the existence of a proper health environment for all Jordanians.


As for the Conference, Al Wazani said that the importance of the Conference being held at this time is due to the uproar flooding the Arab World in respect of medical coverage for citizens which became a top priority for governments, countries and various sectors whether in Jordan or the Arab World.


Al Wazani further indicated that the two-day-conference also aims at highlighting the role of the Medical Insurance Companies; utilization of technology, information and telecommunications as an auxiliary tool for health insurance and asserting the role that the insurance companies in Jordan and the region should play to go along with the recent successful updates and developments in the health insurance sector which realized high growth rates through training in addition to providing opportunities for staff members to come closer to such experiences and to discuss the challenges that face this sector in the region.


Al Wazani also indicated that holding this Conference is in memory of the late Na’el Ajlouni, the former Minister of Health and Director General of the Royal Medical Services in appreciation for his great contribution in all the service positions that he has occupied.

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