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March 27, 2016


"First Insurance" and the "Islamic International Arab Bank" sign a Memorandum of Understanding to create a Point of Sale at New Zarka Region



Amman – Al Rai' – First Insurance Company and the Islamic International Arab Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding through which the Company shall open a point of sale for it within the Bank's branch at the New Zarka Area, thus becoming the Company's 6th point of sale within the Bank's branches and the 14th that the Company has in the Kingdom.


The Agreement was signed by Dr. Ali Al Wazani, the Chief Executive Officer of First Insurance Company and Iyad Assali, the General Manager of the Islamic International Arab Bank at the Bank's Headquarters in the presence of a number of the Bank's and Company's Executive Managers.


Al Wazani asserted that signing such agreement with the Islamic International Arab Bank, being one of the leading Islamic banks in Jordan, comes in realization of the Company's objectives to enhance its reputation at the local level and in assertion for developing cooperation between First Insurance Company and the Islamic International Arab Bank.


Al Wazani indicated that [the Memorandum of Understanding in respect of] the new point of sale signed by the Company with the Islamic International Arab Bank comes within the Company's expansion plan and the extension to the Governorates during 2016 noting that the Company, after having recently concluding the merging process with Yarmouk Insurance Company and through the great diversity in its insurance services, seeks to attract the largest number of customers throughout the Kingdom by creating modern points of sale that are fully equipped.


Al Wazani illustrated that this Agreement is not the first of its kind that has been signed by the Company and the Bank, where the Company has previously signed with the Islamic International Arab Bank the creation of five points of sale at the Gardens, Wihdat, Al Madina Al Munawara, Al Khalidi and Al Yasameen branches indicating the great success achieved at such branches which encouraged the Company to open new points of sale within the chain of distribution and expansion plan that it has drawn up for the years 2016 - 2018, including inter alia the New Zarka Branch.


He also indicated that the Company provides its services through the new point of sale which is equipped with modern technological means created at a number of the Bank's branches together with providing qualified and trained personnel capable of communicating with the Bank's customers.  Al Wazani lauded the role played by the Islamic International Arab Bank in the local market as well as the Islamic Banking services and products provided to all sectors of Jordan's community where it contributed towards meeting the increasing demand for the Islamic Banking services and supporting the national economy.


In a press release, the Islamic International Arab Bank indicated that signing such Memorandum comes from the Bank's belief in providing the best banking products and services to serve its customers whether individuals or corporates.  Furthermore, the Bank always seeks to update and develop its Islamic Banking operations and its high quality services, particularly with an insurance company which is considered one of the best in Takafol Insurance.  

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